Crochet Crochet Crochet!

So when you think of someone crocheting...what comes to mind? Probably an elder person...maybe grandma somewhere holding her needles and knitting. (Yes many people think knitting and crocheting are the same...but NOPE! That's for another post though..) So I'm 34 and I LOVE crocheting so nope no an elderly person! Well keep thinking about crochet and now think about crochet items.. What comes to mind? I'm pretty sure you begin to think of scarves, beanies, and probably blankets. You're not wrong at all! I make all those things but you can also create Splendid earrings with various crochet techniques!

Wow Earrings!?!?

YES. Now I'm not saying that the traditional crochet items aren't cool because have you seen my beanies??!? They are too cute! But creating earrings takes time and really small threads. Plus the crochet hook used, is truly tiny! .

Why Handmade Earrings?

Well I decided to create earrings because I wanted to do something different! Then I realized that there are soooo many people out there creating beautiful pieces of jewelry by crocheting! Why haven't you heard about it? Well it isn't out as much as it should so I'm here to change that! I'm creating styles to grab your attention and also grab the attention of those around you! So the real question is....do you like crochet earrings? If not, I'll attempt to change that! If not that's fine because I'm sure I'll come up with some Splendid designs in the process so...thanks!

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