Steampunk theme 2 pack ear savers Are your ears getting sore from those elastic bands on your mask?  Well purchase an ear saver mask extender today!.I'm a therapist and wearing my blue mask all day causes irritation to my ears, but now that I wear my ear extender, I'm pain free all day long!.These are made out of cotton and are ideal for anyone who wears a mask with elastic bands... examples are medical care professional, essential workers, teachers and first responders etc. The average ear saver length is between 6 inches to 6inches 1/2 in length and 1” in overall width. These ear savers fit the majority of masks-they are not a one size fits all...if your mask elastic is already too short and/or your mask fits too tightly these will not add extra elasticity and may not fit. These will not add additional elasticity to an already too small of mask as cotton does not stretch but if you find your elastic masks your mask too lose, then this ear saver will assist at keeping your mask in place on the bridge of your nose.The theme here is steampunk. With gears and a rustic feel. This listing is for 2 steampunk ear savers!Thank you

Steampunk Ear Saver

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